Mahalia Barnes

How To Prepare For the SAT?

March 4, 2019

Teachers are now incorporating Khan Academy into their lesson plan.  The SAT is a test that scares many of its participants because it determines so many things, from scholarships to acceptance into colleges. Students may be so overwhelmed with nerves that they forget the useful tools that exist to help them. Some of these tools are just a push of a button away, free online help from websites like Khan Academy and College Board. At least one of  these websites we were introduced to you by your teachers.  The SAT is on March 6th, the deadline to apply for the exam is February 8th, scores will be reported on March 22, 2019.

Ways To Study

Khan Academy- A website that transfers your Practice PSAT from College Board, to see what areas you need to work on .

  • College Board- This is a website used to not only study for your SAT but also to sign up. The website  lets you search up top colleges of your choice. It also shows you scores you need to get and requirements for college of your choices. This will help in creating a set goal for attending the college of your choice. SAT Scores can also be viewed here.
  • Video lessons that explain problems step-by-step and full length practice test.

How is the SAT scored?

  • All questions are scored the same way. One point for a correct answer and no points will be deducted for incorrect answers.

Test day must haves…

  • Plan ahead bring your own equipment if needed like calculator, pencils, etc. Don’t bring cellphones, recorders, laptops, cameras, smart watches, and paper, these things may get your test thrown out

Student Aid. 

Visit to see if eligible for financial aid. Financial aid is very helpful, Eligible students can take SAT on the weekends for Free.

(FAFSA) Free Application for Federal. Should complete this as soon as possible. The faster the competition the better change you’ll have at getting financial aid.

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