Prom is Over. Now What?


Melanie Guzman, Staff Writer

One of the greatest memories one would recall would be attending their senior prom, enjoying a good time with their friends and dancing the night away. This year, prom was held on April 26th, 2019 at the Marriott in West Palm Beach. The theme of Havana Nights tied together very nicely with the lights and the overall feel of a night in Cuba. Of course, it is great to go a little out of your comfort zone for such a special night but how far is too far? It all depends on the budget you have and how much time you have to put everything together. Here are just a few tips and tricks I learned after attending prom myself:

  1. Don’t spend a fortune on your dress or tuxedo. Anyone can really style up a simple and plain dress or tux with the jewelry that they wear or the makeup that ties the look all together. There’s no need to break the piggy bank for a dress or tux that will end up sitting in your closet for years, serving no purpose but memories.
  2. Buy tickets early! The earlier you get your tickets, the cheaper they are. Make sure you pay close attention to when they go on sale because prices will increase each week!
  3. Pictures: Take them indoors. Many students enjoy taking their prom photos in places with nice scenery. However, don’t forget that we live in Florida where the humidity will always take over. Taking pictures outside can mess up hair and even makeup! Look for places indoors, it can save the look!
  4. Arrive on time. This shouldn’t be the event where you show up “fashionably late.” If you want to optimize your experience at prom, you should be there from start to finish to get the most of your time being there.
  5. Date or no date, have a good time! Be social and have fun! You may not get to reunite with some of the friends you made throughout high school ever again.

Senior Ahniya Plaud mentioned, “Prom was well worth it and it was definitely a lot of fun. The only thing I would recommend is getting a better DJ for next year!”

Anatomy teacher Dr. Snyder stated, “Prom was so worth it! I absolutely loved the theme and all of the decorations that there were. Havana Nights tied together really nicely, so shout out to Mr. Woods! It was also awesome to see my students having a good time with all their friends!”