Prepare for Scholarship Season!



A picture depicting an application for a scholarship.

Charlize Quinto, Staff Writer

Through the months of September to May, scholarships are up and coming. As the school year winds down, the deadlines tense up.


If you’re planning to go to college next fall or in the future, scholarships are something you should consider. Scholarships equal free money to go to college! 


How can you prepare? Research. There are plenty of places to look for available scholarships that fit you. Websites such as College Board or the Federal Student Aid site are places you can start at. You can also go to your guidance counselor and they will provide you with information about scholarships given locally. Lastly, you can look for scholarships at the college you plan to attend, as they are always offering. 


As early as possible, make a list of all the scholarships you want to apply for and are eligible. Ask for letters of recommendation from your teachers. Take note of each deadline or mark them on your calendars! 


Most importantly, keep up with your grades throughout the rest of the year. Scholarships are found everywhere. The guidance department is giving out scholarship packets by the media center during all lunches. You’ll never know, you might win the scholarship jackpot!


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