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Sophia Clifton, Staff Writer

Nail art is, in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable ways to express yourself creatively. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional nail artist, any way you’re feeling you can express it on your nails. If you use the Internet in any capacity, you know that there is no shortage of nail art inspiration online. I find almost all of my inspiration from nail artists on Instagram. Not to mention, the thousands of nail art tutorials on the website as well. This list will tell you the must-follow nail artists on Instagram right now. (To see each artists’ work, the slideshow shows two examples of each artists’ work in order of the list below.)


  1. @vanityprojects

Vanity Projects NYC is first on this list for a few reasons. For one, the artists featured on this page are capable of hundreds of designs both simple and complex. The group of nail artists employed by Vanity Projects are able to be booked in New York City or California. Although we Floridians most likely won’t be booking an appointment with Vanity Projects anytime soon, there is plenty of inspiration that can be found on Vanity Projects’ Instagram for your own nail art.


  1. @anouskaanastasia

This next nail artist works independently in London, England. Anousta Scarlet Anastasia is self-taught and creates intricate designs with beautiful and vibrant colors. Followers can expect to find inspiration for nail art and outfits on Anastasia’s page. Anastasia also posts photos and videos on her Instagram story that show followers the process of hand painting each design on various clients. 


  1. @liv4nails__

Liv 4 Nails is another UK based nail artist. Nail artist, Liv, uses gel nail polish in her designs to insure her clients leave with a manicure that will last for weeks. Liv is capable of simple and elegant nail art while also mastering more detailed designs. Liv also uses the Instagram Highlights option to separate her designs into ‘Simple Art,’Detailed Art,’ and ‘Full Fancy.’ Followers can determine their own skill set and find inspiration from any one of Liv’s designs. 


  1. @krocaine

This next nail artist is based very close to home; Kro Vargas works independently from Miami, Florida. Vargas perfectly captures the Y2K vibe that has taken the Internet by storm in the last few years. Not only does Vargas post her nail art on Instagram, she also offers one on one courses to teach others how to achieve her beautiful designs. 


  1. @nailedit_beauty

The artist behind the account nailedit_beauty is a woman named Lauren Holmes. Holmes offers customers the opportunity to book her work online, watch in-depth tutorials, and enter into courses with her for nail art tips. Holmes is able to create both intricate and simple designs that every type of nail artist can draw inspiration for. Holmes is in high demand due to her talent and is even booked until 2020.


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