Getting Into University


Marisia Aquino-Woods

The acceptance letter Marisia received.

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer

Hey, my loves.

Tonight, I have some very exciting news to share with you all. Are you ready? I got accepted into Saint Leo University and St. Thomas University! I couldn’t be prouder.

Now, I know tonight’s article is a lot of things, but it’s personal for me; most importantly because I know I don’t really allow you guys to get to know me from the other side of the screen. But tonight, that’s going to change, because I want you to know my story, and why these two acceptances mean more to me than just a reason to call up a friend and celebrate.

All because it wasn’t easy for me to get myself there. Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer simply because I enjoyed dressing up my barbies in many different styles. I always had a love for eye-catching details; I wanted to be different, but not in a way I stood out.

Weird, right?

I wanted to create a world where I could always catch someone’s attention, but not be actually seen. In which, I ended up putting a hold on my dreams of becoming a designer; I was just a kid with a wild imagination at the time. So, I put it on hold.

Although, it wasn’t until my teenage years that I started to partake interest in nails, due to the main factor that it was something me and my mom I both shared. I have two brothers, so I really needed that time with my mom. So, when I turned fifteen, I told my mom that I wanted to pursue a career in cosmetology; in which I would go to beauty school and later work towards obtaining my Bachelor’s in business. Solemnly, because I wanted to own my own nail salon and be my own boss; I want to be able to call all the shots and do what I know is right for my company.

But, as many of you know, plans change. And, sitting here today talking to you guys now, about to finish my Senior year. I’ve come to realize I may want to turn over a new leaf regarding my career path in regard to business management, simply because I want to be in a position where I can create change or make a change in a person’s life.

And that is why I chose Psychology.

Now, here is where I get emotional, primarily because it was the career my grandmother was pursuing. A woman who is my everything, the one that pushed me to get to where I am today. For those who do know me, you know that I was raised by my grandparents; that I and my grandmother had a very special bond. She had a passion for wanting to help anyone and everyone. I always say I have her heart so I can’t do anyone wrong.

However, everything changed when she passed away. When I lost her, I felt my world was coming to an end; that I could no longer be happy anymore. I mean, because what was the point? She was gone, and I was lost.

So, when it came to my Freshman year of high school, I spent most of my days alone. I pushed people away, and I didn’t really eat because at the time, I was so heartbroken that I didn’t want to take the chance in getting closer to somebody just to have to let them go in the end for good.

So, I stayed alone. It wasn’t until one day when I was sitting in her room talking to her about my first few weeks of high school that I realized I made a promise to her. That I would finish school; that I would become someone and make her proud. That her sacrifices wouldn’t be for anything. So, I wiped my tears and got up and did what I had to do.

Fast-forwarding to now, 2022. I am now officially in my last year of high school and have two acceptance letters from two of the best universities in Florida! And, I couldn’t have done it without her; I never thought I could do it. Especially because I didn’t believe in myself.

But my loves, you need to be able to trust yourself in every way possible, because you can DO IT! Now as I sit here, I celebrate all that I have done to get here, even if I don’t know whether I’ll be joining Saint Leo or St. Thomas, or whether or not I’m going to school for business or psychology.

But either way, I’m going to make my dreams happen. And I hope all of you do as well.

Until next time, my loves.

Marisia’s acceptance letter from St. Thomas University. (Marisia Aquino-Woods)

My family’s reaction:

My Mom: “Babygirl I am so proud of you; I knew you could do it.”

My Grandfather: “Congratulations baby, I wish she could be here.”

My Aunts: “Congratulations mama.”

My Brother: “For real, that’s cool.”