Giancarlo Robles: Class Of 2019


Courtesy of Giancarlo Robles

Giancarlo plays both Mellophone (Marching Band) and French Horn (Wind Ensemble)

Giancarlo Robles is a Santaluces graduate from the Class of 2019. Giancarlo was apart of the band academy and medical academy. Giancarlo’s dedication to these two academies was evident as he spent all 4 years of his high school career in both academies. Giancarlo is now attending FAU as a Biological Sciences Major. 

Giancarlo was a part of the Santaluces Marching Chiefs and describes his favorite memory as a band.

My favorite memory from Santaluces just had to be band. Band was my entire life. Band was my favorite place to be, it was like my home away from home. I loved the people. I loved the dedication and the energy those wonderful people had while on that field or on that stage performing,” says Robles. 

Giancarlo strived to be the best he could while in band, wanting to set an example for everyone, especially the underclassmen.

I wanted to be the prime example of how people should sound in band. I tried to be the best I could be for the people there. Seeing everyone smile and give it their all was some of my favorite moments,” says Robles. 

Giancarlo in his wind ensemble attire. (Courtesy of Giancarlo Robles )

Giancarlo continues to set the standard higher for himself at FAU.

“I’m currently a part of the FAU Marching Owls and a part of the FAU Wind Ensemble. My love for band since middle school never left me. I’ve been able to keep band in my busy life schedule and hopefully, I can keep it that way for the rest of my college career,” says Robles.

Being in band for almost 8 years, Giancarlo gives advice to those who may be new to the band experience,

“If I could give freshmen advice right now, I would say to always try to be a better person. Be patient. Be caring. Be loving towards one another. Be human towards each other. Don’t work against each other, work together.”