Chiefs Baseball: Michael Etchells

January 11, 2019


Michael Etchells

Michael Baseball

Height: 5’9″

Baseball Position: Catcher

College Interests: 

UNF, FAU, or FGCU for accounting, business or DEA.

How long have you been playing baseball?

“Since I was 4.”

Why did you start playing baseball?

“It looked fun and I was always down to try something new.”

Are you going to continue playing baseball in college? Why/Why not?

“If I’m able to, I will.”

What advice would you give to incoming baseball players?

Practice every day. It doesn’t matter what part you practice but practice every single day.”

What have you learned from your teammates and coaches that you’ve applied to everyday life?

Definitely communication because if you can’t communicate you can’t get anything done.”


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