Athlete Profile: Emiah Downie


Melanie Guzman, Staff Writer


Height: 5’4

Position: Poly Guard

Number: 4

What are some of your biggest highlights?

“When I scored 30 points alone in one game.”

When did you begin playing?

“I began playing sometime in middle school.”

What motivated you to begin to play?

“When I watched my step brother playing, it motivated me to begin playing as well.”

Are there any other sports you enjoys playing?

“Yes, besides basketball, I also enjoy playing football.”

How would you describe the bond between your team?

“My team is like a second family to me.”

How do you stay fit throughout the season?

“I try to stay fit throughout the season by working out on my own.”

How many years have you been on varsity?

I have been on varsity for all four years.

Who do you look up to when playing this sport?

“I look up to LeBron James.”

What was your goal for this season? Did you accomplish it?

“My goal for this season was to make it to states with my team. However, I was not able to accomplish this goal.”

What is your goal for the future when it comes to playing this sport in general?

“My goal for playing in the future is to become a McDonald’s All American.”

We heard you were signed; where did you get signed to? When did you get signed and how do you and your family feel about it? Are you nervous, excited, etc. Tell me a little about the school and about the scholarship.

“I signed to Thomas University on January 31st, 2019. My Family and I are very excited for me to attend there. I really like the school, however I am a little nervous to start. I am also a little nervous for the move itself. All of the players are very cool and the campus itself has a good vibe to it.”