Athlete Profile: Isabella Roraff


Who: Isabella Roraff, 9th grade Varsity Softball player

Positions: “3rd Base and Shortstop.”

How long have you been playing Softball?: “I have been playing Softball since I was in fifth grade.”

What is your goal for this season?: “For this season I’m hoping to hit the ball over the fence.”

Do you ever plan on playing professionally or even in college?: “Yes I do but I don’t know what college I’ll be going to.”

What is your favorite aspect of Softball?: “My favorite part has to be getting dirty because it shows that you’re playing hard.”

Would you recommend this sport to underclassmen?: “Yes I would because it’s a good way to team bond and it’s a good experience.”

Where are some areas that you feel you might need improvement?: “I really think that I need to work on my hitting and my attitude.”

How has this sport affected your future?: “If I ever don’t have anything to do after school I can always choose Softball as a career path.”

Who is your role model/ who inspires you?: “My mom because she always wants me to do better and she’s always pushing me to do stuff.”

Who taught you how to play Softball?: “My 5th grade best friend Carly taught me.”

What do you do when you’re not playing softball?: “Most of the time I’m doing my homework, hanging out with my twin brother or boyfriend, helping my mom with my 3 month old sister, eating, and sleeping.”