Athlete Profile: Mai Homrich


Marcela Alfaya

Mai Homrich diving at practice

Marcela Alfaya, Staff Writer

Mai Homrich is a senior who has been homeschooled her entire life. She did karate for nine years before playing soccer for Santaluces during her freshman and sophomore year. When she left to go play for Lake Worth Highschool, she tore her ACL and could no longer play.

Mai wanted to continue sports without causing too much wear and tear on her knee, so she figured swimming was the best way to do that. She was, however, on the fence about joining the Swimming & Diving team at Santaluces before she found out that her best friend from church, Madison Lewis, was also one of the team captains there which sealed the deal. When Coach Kayla asked Mai if she’d like to try diving, she said she’d give it a shot not knowing she had a natural talent. Staying humble, Mai thinks she’s a decent diver and doubts she would be good enough for collegiate diving since she only started about three weeks ago but, she’d like to hang on to diving just for fun.

With her first competition only a few days away, Mai has been practicing six different dives at every practice. When asked how she feels and how she’s going to prepare for her upcoming meet she said, “I feel as prepared as I can be with only three weeks of training, but I’m still going to listen to my coaches, rest up on the weekend, and ask God for help.”

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