Athlete Profile: Hayward Tiluscar


Marcela Alfaya

Hayward Tiluscar dressed up for the first home game.

Marcela Alfaya, Staff Writer

Hayward Tiluscar is number 53 on the Santaluces football team. When he started high school at Palm Beach Lakes, his coach recommended him to start playing and promised to get him where he needed to be to be great. When he started, Hayward realized he liked to use football as a positive outlet for his bottled up anger and began spending more of his time playing football.

Football has turned into a big part of Hayward’s life and has shown him how to convert his energy into something positive. One of his fondest memories is at his old school during a game against Suncoast where he was able to tackle two people at once.

After years of learning new ways to prepare, Hayward now prepares for his games by breathing and thinking about the reason he’s here and how he’d like to leave his mark. He plays football in order to learn to expect the unexpected. 

By the end of his senior year, Hayward says “I’d like to either make MVP or even have the most sports played.” With this in mind, if the opportunity presents itself, he wouldn’t mind playing football in college. 


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