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Varsity cheer captain, Jazmine Rendon, gets ready for the pep rally performance.

COS: Jazmine Rendon

September 27, 2019

Cheering for eleven years, varsity cheer captain Jazmine Rendon is taking upon a new challenge in her hectic life. Being a part of the varsity cheer squad, Raiders, Powderpuff, and SNHS, Jazmine is adding competitive cheer into her routine.

With so much on her schedule, Jazmine continues to stay on top of her school work. After practice, she has a habit of doing her homework as soon as she gets home. She believes that with a strong, determined mindset, she can accomplish anything she encounters.

Out of all the activities she participates in, Jazmine’s number one passion is cheerleading. Her inspiration to continue cheering is the love she has for the sport. The adrenaline and emotion she gets motivates her to do her best and set high goals for herself. Her dream has always been to become a cheer captain, so when she was awarded one of the positions, she knew all of her hard work was paying off.

The hardest part about being a cheer captain according to Rendon is ‘making decisions under pressure that are best for the team knowing not everyone will agree.’ For people who are hesitant on whether or not they should join the cheer team, Jazmine advises, “Definitely go for it. Being part of the team was one of the best decisions I made for all four years of high school. It will get tough, there will be a lot of ups and downs, but make sure to stay strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. Most importantly just have confidence in yourself.”

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