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How To Deal With Hate

Courtesy of MCT Campus
May 27, 2016

Since drama in high school is prominent for some, it is not unlikely to come across someone that is not fond of you or can not keep your name out of their mouth. It may be easy for some to deal with hate,...

Little Chiefs Graduation

Little Chiefs Graduation
May 26, 2016

On May 25, seven Little Chiefs said goodbye as they make their way into Elementary school!  

Easy Ways to get Community Service

Courtesy of MCT Campus
May 24, 2016

Community service hours are required for your graduation. For some people they are easy to get, and others it is hard. However, there are many places in Palm Beach where you could get community service...

First Date Ideas

Lifeguard stand, Point Mugu, California.
May 19, 2016

First dates are supposed to be personal. In my opinion, first dates are for getting to know the person more and being able to get that first impression. So a good first date needs to be a place where you...

Chiefs of Santaluces: Anastasia Gonzalez

Chiefs of Santaluces: Anastasia Gonzalez
May 18, 2016

"I am a very artsy person, so I consider myself more free. I've wanted a tattoo ever since i was 17; I've been planning on what I was going to get from my 17h birthday, to my 18th birthday. I talked my...

Chiefs of Santaluces: De’Aianik Brownlee

Chiefs of Santaluces: De'Aianik Brownlee
May 10, 2016

I met two girls when I came here three weeks ago named Maniya and Frenchie. I met these girls in a great environment at Santaluces High, but for Frenchie, we go way, way back. I met Frenchie in Emerald...

Chiefs of Santaluces: Brittany Antilus

Chiefs of Santaluces: Brittany Antilus
May 5, 2016

"I was coming out of Fox Hollow on Lawrence and then a peacock came out of no where with their tail all fanned out. A car stopped in front of my dad and so my dad stopped. I leaned up to see what the chaos...

Chiefs of Santaluces: Kaythleen Escribano

Chiefs of Santaluces: Kaythleen Escribano
May 4, 2016

One year I went to Colombia with my mom, my dad, and my sister. The plane ride was only two hours long. We then took a taxi to Medellin where we stayed with my uncle at his house. The next day, we went...

Chiefs of Santaluces: Eric Diaz

Chiefs of Santaluces: Eric Diaz
May 3, 2016

Before the talent show I was very nervous. I was using the restroom multiple times. As I was hearing the audience cheer on the other people I was practicing in the corner by myself. I was practicing my...

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