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COS:Jaqueline Paez

COS:Jaqueline Paez
May 2, 2018

"My name is Jackie and I'm a senior here at Santaluces. Going to prom was a memory I will never forget even when I get old. It was fun because I got to dress up and see all my friends who all looked stunning....

Prom Season at Santaluces

Prom Season at Santaluces
April 24, 2018

Prom season is upon us and Santaluces is gearing up for the big night. However, in recent years the extravagance of prom has elevated; with girls going as far as getting custom made dresses and guys shelling...

Drag’s Impact on Fashion

Drag's Impact on Fashion
April 12, 2018

Drag is a gender-bending art form that has taken over the fashion world. However, it's more than just men emulating women but a way of self expression through clothes and makeup. Drag and fashion are similar...

Kids’ Choice Awards Looks

Kids' Choice Awards Looks
March 29, 2018

Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards is a nostalgic part of our childhood. With all the changes kids' networks have gone through over the years, it's great to see that some things are still the same. The...

COS: Kervensky Anestil

COS: Kervensky Anestil
March 16, 2018

My name is Kervensky Anestil and I'm in the medical program here at Santaluces. This year for Health Science II we are basically focusing on getting our Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) licence. Part...

Who’s Really Going to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “On the Run II” Tour?

Who's Really Going to Beyonce and Jay-Z's
March 15, 2018

Beyonce and Jay-Z announced their second joint tour-"On the Run II"- via Instagram with photos and a cute promo video and everyone is shook. There was recent talk of the power couple going on tour together...

Oscar’s Red Carpet Roundup

Oscar's Red Carpet Roundup
March 12, 2018

The 90th Annual Academy Awards honored the best in film, while the red carpet before the show served the most stunning looks. The Oscars are known for being a more formal event and the stars do not come...

A Guide To Shopping Online

A Guide To Shopping Online
March 5, 2018

Shopping online can be very intimidating. You have access to any retailer you can possibly imagine, from high to low end, right at your finger tips. It can be overwhelming for anyone venturing into this...

New York Fashion Week Trends

New York Fashion Week Trends
What's in and what's out
February 26, 2018

With spring comes warm weather, new life, and new fashion. All the top designers and new-comers have unveiled their spring collections at New York Fashion week. The majority of us can't afford the extravagant...

Black History Month: Virgil Abloh

Black History Month: Virgil Abloh
February 7, 2018

Born September 30, 1980-Present Virgil Abloh is a jack of all trades. He went from Art Director for Jay Z and Kanye West's joint album "Watch the Throne" to DJ to creator and founder of his high fashion...

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