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Pick It Up and Play

Pick It Up and Play
February 28, 2017

The guitar is an instrument that mystifies many people. The sound, looks, and idea of being able to play along to your favorite songs prompts many people to pick up the six stringed sonic weapon. Picking...

John Mayer Releases “The Search For Everything”

Courtesy of John Mayer
January 24, 2017

After more than three years without the release of new music (with the exception of the "Love On the Weekend" single released in November), John Mayer has finally released the first part of his new EP....

Rolling Stones “Ole Ole Ole” Movie Review

Photo Courtesy of The Rolling Stones
December 19, 2016

On December 12th, The Rolling Stones released a movie/concert/documentary that played for one night in theaters nationwide. The film highlighted the band's trip across Latin America in the spring of 2016....

Rolling Stones Release “Blue and Lonesome” Album

Photo courtesy of The Rolling Stones
December 9, 2016

The Rolling Stones released their new studio album Blue and Lonesome on December 2nd, which is their first studio LP in more than a decade. It is the band's first all blues album and features a track...

John Mayer Releases New Single “Love on the Weekend”

John Mayer Releases New Single
November 22, 2016

Last Thursday John Mayer released his single "Love on the Weekend," which is the first time he has released new music in more than three years. Fans have eagerly awaited the pop rock/blues/folk musicians's...

Donald Trump Wins the Presidency

Photo courtesy of Donald Trump
November 10, 2016

After eighteen months of controversial, mind numbing, unprecedented presidential campaigning, the American people can finally breathe. With a major upset against Clinton and her supporters, Donald Trump...

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize
October 31, 2016

Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan was selected by the Swedish Academy for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Dylan is the first songwriter to ever be given this honor, and the first American since 1964. He has been...

Alter Bridge Releases “The Last Hero”

Photo Courtesy of Alter Bridge
October 31, 2016

Modern day heavy metal disciples Alter Bridge released their fifth studio album earlier this month titled The Last Hero. It is their first album since Fortress released in 2013, and consists of the...

Why Trump Won the Debate

Trump and Clinton take on first Presidential debate
September 30, 2016

On Monday night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally came face to face on the same stage. With ratings and viewership expected to meet Super Bowl standards, their debate was highly anticipated and...

New Travis Scott Album Spreads Its Wings

Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight
September 15, 2016

Travis Scott released his third project Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight, which follows his mixtape Days Before Rodeo and 2015 debut album, Rodeo. After a delayed release which disgruntled many anxious...

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