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Is it White and Gold or Blue and Black?

Is it White and Gold or Blue and Black?
February 27, 2015

Yesterday social media sites went ballistic over this dress. Some see it as black and blue while others see gold and white. The way people are seeing this is not a mind game but an eye game. The way the...

Pathfinder Spotlight: Meet Paola Trejo

Pathfinder Spotlight: Meet Paola Trejo
January 14, 2015

Under consideration for the Academic Excellence Pathfinder award is senior Paola Trejo. "I am interested in excelling academically because by doing so I not only get a chance to learn new things," said...

Citizens Vote in the 2014 Election

Citizens Vote in the 2014 Election
November 10, 2014

    With a tight score of 52-44 votes, a close election was held on November 4th and came to a close with our returning Governor, Rick Scott and his fellow republicans. Though...

Go Owls!

Go Owls!
October 25, 2014

"FAU, FAU, FAU," was the chant that roared through the stadium like a thunderstorm after the 4th quarter. The Owls crushed Western Kentucky with the final touchdown ending the clock winning 45 - 38. The...

Code Red: Just a Drill

Code Red: Just a Drill
October 24, 2014

On Friday, October 24th at precisely 8 a.m., Mr. Gaddy announced that Santaluces High was under a Code Red and students and teachers went into lockdown mode. Those with Senior Privilege were not so...

OneBlood: Chiefs Give Back

OneBlood: Chiefs Give Back
October 18, 2014

While some distance themselves and hide in fear of needles or the sight of blood, others are more than willing to give up theirs. Tuesday, October 7th was the the annual Blood Drive. Room 4-104 was...

Caffeine Craze

Professional brewing machine
October 7, 2014

  The start of the new year allows teachers to once again have coffee delivered right to their doors. Teachers who buy a cup of joe support the IND unit (intellectually disabled students) by...

Chiefs Clean Up the Coast

Student Love Dana Estiverne picking up old soda cans.
September 26, 2014

On Saturday September 20th, both the Chiefs and Palm Beach State College joined hands to clean up the coast. Getting down and dirty was not an issue when it came to keeping the environment clean from various...

District Disaster

The new Epson prejector
September 22, 2014

Since the first week of school, both the teachers and students in the Palm Beach County School District have had difficulties with the over-head projectors. While in the middle of a new lesson plan,...

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