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Future FSU Nole: Suangely Maldonado

Future FSU Nole: Suangely Maldonado
March 5, 2019

Being the first in her family to graduate high school and advance into college, Santaluces senior Suangely Maldonado, is beyond ecstatic with her acceptance into one of Florida’s top universities.   “Being...

Athletes Profile: Mackenzie Strickland

Athletes Profile: Mackenzie Strickland
February 19, 2019

Height: 5’4 Softball Position: Second Base College Interest: “I will be attending Coastal Carolina University in the fall and will be majoring in business.” How long have you been...

Jada’s School of Rock

Jada's School of Rock
February 12, 2019

Santaluces senior Jada Markham has had a passion for singing for as long as she could remember and started songwriting at age five. “I would ‘write’ songs when I was about five and even sang...

Chiefs Win Against Wellington

All the Senior Boys celebrated on senior night
February 5, 2019

Winning all district games, Chiefs finish ranked number one. Thursday night, Chiefs battled a tight game against the Wolverines. Wellington starts off ahead with a goal made with a penalty kick. Chiefs'...

Chiefs Battle Boynton

Sophomore Dario, runs ball to the line on counter attack
January 15, 2019

As the end to the season approaches, Chiefs’ Boy Varsity soccer make a comeback during the Friday night game. Boynton Beach High scored the first goal during the first half. Chiefs counteract...

Chiefs Tie The Cobras

Kevin Casco blocking the Cobras shot
December 14, 2018

With Park Vistas soccer team ranked number one in districts, stakes were high this Wednesday night game on Chief turf.   Our strong defense kept the Cobras from scoring the first half.   The...

Athlete Profile: Alejandro Castaing

Alejandro Castaing
December 6, 2018

All around, Chief Country is filled with amazing talent. Whether it be in the arts, athletics, or academics, 110% is put in. For varsity soccer player Alejandro Castaing, his efforts have placed him...

Chief Senior President: Paxton Brutus

Chief Senior President: Paxton Brutus
November 13, 2018

Since freshman year, Santaluces senior Paxton Brutus wanted to run for the spot of presidency but found his reason for running shift to his junior year.   Noticing the amount of changes increasing...

Chiefs’ Presidency: Christina Sentmanat

Chiefs’ Presidency: Christina Sentmanat
November 2, 2018

It wasn’t a surprise to see Santaluces junior, Christina Sentmanat, running for class president as she has thought of doing so since she was younger “I’ve wanted to run my freshman and sophomore...

Chiefs’ Little Italy

Victorrio Duval
October 18, 2018

Would you pay thousands of dollars to travel internationally, learn new languages, and experience different cultures while getting your education? 16 year old Santaluces senior, Victorrio Duval has...

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