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Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month begins in May.
May 3, 2019

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, or officially known as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. During this month, Asian-Americans all over the United States celebrate their many...

Ready for Graduation

Santaluces' seniors are ready to receive their diploma.
May 3, 2019

As April comes to an end, Santaluces seniors are becoming restless. The graduates-to-be are counting down the days to May 15 and seem to get more excited as the day approaches. The majority have already...

Declaration Day

Santaluces' seniors are ready to declare their universities.
May 1, 2019

The day is finally here! May 1st is Declaration Day. Declaration Day is college decision day for high school seniors across the United States. It is the deadline for seniors to finally commit to a college...

Changing Grades at Palm Beach Central

Palm Beach Central officials were fired after changing students' grades.
April 5, 2019

Disaster struck at Palm Beach Central High School when two officials, the Principal Darren Edgecomb and Assistant Principal Laurence Greenberg, were investigated and reassigned after investigators found...

Hulu’s New Hit Series: The Act

The Act retells the haunting story of the Blanchard's.
April 2, 2019

The Act is a show that everyone has been anticipating. The show is based on real events that took place in the lives of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard. The mother, Dee Dee,...


Anxiety is a huge struggle but there are ways to overcome it.
March 25, 2019

The walls are caving in and I feel stuck. I can’t get out. The air has thinned out and it’s hard to breathe. That’s when I know I’m in the middle of a panic attack.   According...

Future FSU Nole: James Francois

James Francois is looking forward to his future as an FSU Seminole.
March 15, 2019

It is a dream to many to get accepted into their number one choice university and also receiving a scholarship. For James Francois, this is a dream come true. Francois was accepted into Florida State...

Chiefs’ Water Polo Player: Jo’Anya Sainval

First-time water polo player, Jo'Anya Sainval, is excited for this year's season.
February 7, 2019

Height: 5’3” Sport: Water Polo Position: Set/Wing College Interests: UCF, UF, or FSU How long have you been playing water polo for? “This is my first year playing. I wanted to play...

Life After High School

Life after high school can be hard to adapt to.
February 5, 2019

     This was the moment I have been waiting for my entire life.      With the acceptance letter to my dream university, I will be moving to Orlando and leaving the only home I’ve known...

Social Media vs Students

Have students become too involved with social media?
February 4, 2019

     As soon as I hear the persistent and annoying sound of my alarm ring at 6 AM, I know it’s time to start the day. However, the very first thing I do isn’t roll over and get out of my bed but...

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