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Athlete Profile: Isabella Roraff

Athlete Profile: Isabella Roraff

April 16, 2019

Who: Isabella Roraff, 9th grade Varsity Softball player Positions: “3rd Base and Shortstop.” How long have you been playing Softball?: “I have been playing Softball since I was in fifth grade.” What is your goal for this season?: “For this season I’m hoping to hit the ball over the fen...

Athlete Profile: Delcy Cazares

Delcy pictured (right) going for the ball.

Madison Elia, Co-Editor

April 15, 2019

Senior Delcy Cazares; Soccer player, Flag football participant, and an overall student-athlete. She has been a 4 year athlete for both the girls varsity soccer team and the girls flag football team. After Delcy graduates she will be attending Palm Beach State College. She will then look to transfer...

Athlete Profile: Victoria Faleiro

Athlete Profile: Victoria Faleiro

Melanie Guzman, Staff Writer

March 15, 2019

Height: 5’6 Position: left or right wing How long have you been playing water polo? "This season is only my second season playing." How would you describe the bond between you and your team? "I am really close with some of my teammates and even my coah! It really feels like one big f...

Boy’s Volleyball: Kyle Kangas

Kyle Kangas the moment before he unleashes a wicked serve.

Hailey Velong, Staff Photographer

March 11, 2019

Senior Kyle Kangas started his athletic career by playing baseball. He didn’t transition into volleyball until middle school when Coach Grey, at Woodlands, encouraged him to join the team. Intimidated by learning something new and afraid of making a fool of himself, Kyle didn’t actually try out ...

Athletes Profile: Mackenzie Strickland

Athletes Profile: Mackenzie Strickland

Wanisha Thomas, Features Editor

February 19, 2019

Height: 5’4 Softball Position: Second Base College Interest: “I will be attending Coastal Carolina University in the fall and will be majoring in business.” How long have you been playing softball? “Softball’s always been a passion of mine. I’ve been playing ever since I was little ...

Chiefs’ Baseball Player: Jonah Backensto

Baseball player, Jonah Backensto.

Gabrielle Villanueva, Staff Writer

February 14, 2019

Height: 6’1   Baseball Position: Pitcher   College Interest: “At the moment I am going to get my Associates Degree in Palm Beach State and probably move up to a university. I am still unsure which university I want to go to after getting my associates. I am thinking of going...

Athlete Profile: Emiah Downie

Athlete Profile: Emiah Downie

Melanie Guzman, Staff Writer

February 12, 2019

GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Height: 5’4 Position: Poly Guard Number: 4 What are some of your biggest highlights? "When I scored 30 points alone in one game." When did you begin playing? "I began playing sometime in middle school." What motivated you to begin to play? "When...

Chiefs’ Water Polo Player: Jo’Anya Sainval

First-time water polo player, Jo'Anya Sainval, is excited for this year's season.

Zayra Trejo, Opinion Editor

February 7, 2019

Height: 5’3” Sport: Water Polo Position: Set/Wing College Interests: UCF, UF, or FSU How long have you been playing water polo for? “This is my first year playing. I wanted to play last year but I couldn’t because of schedule issues. I was able to work around my schedule this y...

Chiefs’ Soccer Player: Andy Lanza

Andy Lanza holding the District Champs trophy.

Gabrielle Villanueva, Staff Writer

February 5, 2019

Height: 5’10   Soccer Position: Defender “Center Back”   College Interest: “ I am interested in the University of Central Florida. I am still indecisive of what major I would like to study. I was always interested in this university since a lot of people have told me tha...

Athlete Profile: Francesca Dulysse

Dulysse hitting a ball on right side during warm-up.

Alicia DeMar, Staff Writer

January 22, 2019

Francesca Dulysse is a senior at Santaluces High School who has been on the varsity volleyball team since freshman year. Dulysse plays on both the school team as one of the captains and on a travel volleyball team. Sport: Volleyball Height: 5'3" Position on the court: Defensive Specialist Why did you start playing volleyball? " I start...

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