Chiefs of Santaluces: Rayat Rashid

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

“Last year around the holidays, I spent it with my girlfriend. This was by far my best memory. It was the first time I met her parents. I thought it would be an awful idea to spend the evening with her family and to have dinner with them at her house. But it actually ended up being a blessing. She always described her parents as very strict, I felt kind of nervous about the whole thing. I remember sitting out front of her door, looking at the glowing doorbell button. That’s when I told myself “Just be yourself and it will all be fine.” They ended up being like nothing how I made them out to be; they were so welcoming and the whole night was just a lot of fun for my girlfriend, her family, and me. We talked throughout the whole night and the whole feeling of it was just amazing. I finally felt reassured about them and what they thought about me and it was very relieving to know that they thought highly of me.”

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