Chiefs of Santaluces: Mr. Jayne


Nicole Kalpin

Mr. Jayne is a psychology and AICE International History teacher.

Nicole Kalpin, Staff Writer

“I was responsible for getting rid of the fetal pigs after dissection. So what I did was I took one of the whole fetal pigs and I drained the preservatives from it. He was giving me a ride home. I took it out of the bag and stuck it underneath his spare tire out of revenge for blaming me for flooding the classroom. For two weeks, he didn’t know it was underneath his spare tire. It stunk his car up. For two weeks he was coming to school with air fresheners in his car, pine trees hanging from the ceiling of his car. Pretty much like, probably like, thirty I think, different air fresheners in his car. And the last day, his head was hanging outside the car window trying to keep fresh air coming in. So, I finally told him it was for him blaming me for flooding the classroom and that I stuck the pig underneath his spare tire. When we opened the trunk, it was full of, you know, all kinds of putrid remains and things.”