Chiefs Of Santaluces: Alex Padilla

Alan McGonigle, Sports Writer

“When I got moved up to varsity, it was a really big deal to me. It showed that the coaches thought I was good enough to play with the people who mostly had years of experience, compared to me who only had one season of experience. That meant a lot to me. I also felt a sense of pride because not everyone gets moved up to varsity and it felt amazing for my hard work to finally pay off. When I started to practice with the varsity team, it helped me improve as an athlete because I was learning from the other players who have more experience compared to me. I was practicing with elite players and that essentially toughened me up and helped me prepare for next season. I can’t wait to meet the new players and get to spring football so I can become the best player I can be. I want to go out with a bang for my final season.”