Chiefs of Santaluces: Venecia Perez

Nicole Kalpin, Staff Writer

“For Christmas, I went over to my friend’s house and basically hung out the entire weekend. That night was when we started watching the first season of American Horror Story, my favorite season. We made Christmas tree pancakes the next morning. I did get batter all over my friend because we were having a fight. Her mom came in and told us to clean up because we were going out. She wouldn’t tell us where. We saw a movie, but I can’t remember what movie it was. We got back, and I was like ‘We should make tie-dye shirts.’ She said we should, but it was sevenĀ at night! She and I made the shirts, but we got messed up because of the dye. I might still have purple stains on my thigh! The shirts came out terribly wrong, they looked like grey-purple because the colors mixed together. The washer turned them solid grey.”