Chiefs of Santaluces: Daniela Mendez

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

“My best memory was definitely when I went to Life in Color. Even though I had to wait an hour to enter, it was so worth the wait because all the excitement was building up in my body. This was because I was excited to enter the lion kingdom. The second I walked in, I heard the music booming out of the speaker, and I also saw paint flying everywhere! The paint was covering people like they were their own canvas. I went with my boyfriend, and I met up with one of his friends. It was weird, because I never really talked to his friend, but by the end of the night we were talking a lot and we were cool. It was nice because now we are friends and it was amazing how music brought me close and made me a new friend. Close to the end, they had a huge paint blast, and it was just so surreal and the experience was one I will never forget.”