Chiefs of Santaluces: Mr. Roach

Nicole Kalpin, Staff Writer

“There’s this kid in our neighborhood that I was friends with and our older brothers were always building stuff, looking for Guinea pigs to try this stuff out on. They built this six-foot kite this one time and they were looking for us, they wanted to try and fly one of us. I saw them and just took off running, man, I knew something bad was gonna happen. But my friend Jeff, won’t say his last name, it would be indiscreet. His name was Jeff Weeks. Jeff, they snatched him up and tied his arms to the six-foot tall kite and tied the rope to their bicycles; told him to run. And so he took off running behind the bikes, and pretty soon, the bikes were outpacing him. It was at that point that the kite was supposed to start flying. Instead, it just slaps straight down onto the ground. He had his arms tied up so he couldn’t even stick his hands out to break his fall, he landed on his face. They dragged him up the street, tore his clothes up. He had road rash from head to toe.”