Chiefs of Santaluces: Antonio Serna

Matthew Leto, Staff Writer

“Photography is one of my passions in life. I wish to continue studying photography after high school. My passion for photography first started when I was twelve years old. My cousin was taking photography classes in New York, and he would share an album of all his pieces he had captured when he came and visited every summer. All of the¬†photos he would show me would lead me on an adventure because of the story behind the photos he would take. He also gave me my first camera when I was younger and he would often develop ¬†the film for me of my own photos. As for my own photography style, I believe I am a very diverse photographer with a variety of different styles. I am currently taking AICE Art and Design with Ms. Ardner. Right now I’m concentrating on half a figure or a whole figure talking on the phone.”