Chiefs of Santaluces: Savannah Devericks

Matthew Leto, Staff Writer

“My best day ever was at warped tour in 2014. I remember I was standing on a chair, watching one of my favorite bands, Of Mice & Men perform. As I was watching them play,I got a sudden urge to turn around. I turned around and to my surprise I saw two of my favorite band members from Crown the Empire: Dave Escamilla and Benn Suede, who were walking around and watching the show. Without thinking , I leapt over the chair I was standing on and continued to jump over other rows of chairs until I got to them to say hi. I was so excited that I could barely speak, so they asked if I wanted to take a picture with them. I was shaking so badly that my pictures came out very blurry. I went back to where I was sitting and all my friends asked where I had went. I explained my story and they asked why I didn’t bring one of them to take the pictures for me. I was just so excited I couldn’t miss the opportunity.”