Chiefs of Santaluces: Dylan McDonald-Holland


Haley Hinkofer , Staff Writer

“So my best memory of junior year was when I met up with my friend Josh and his sister Caitlyn randomly at the Boynton Inlet. We went snorkeling, saw a huge string ray by the pier, and some barracuda attack bait fish. Then we fished off the pier for a while and didn’t catch anything. We all played football with some strangers on the beach who we became friends with and hung out with them for the rest of the day. They told us stories of them jumping off the bridge into the inlet and having the current take them inland. So when I told them that I haven’t jumped off yet, we walked hastily towards the top of the bridge and made sure the current was going inland instead of out. Once we made sure our new friends were on board we all went to the railing of the bridge and our new friends jumped instantly, which left me, Josh, and Caitlyn to do it. So being nervous, excited and scared we jumped off and got swept inland so fast, but it was amazing.”