COS: Joulisa Francis


Alayna Reddick, Staff Writer

Joulisa Francis is a junior here at Santaluces high school. Originally born in Jamaica, she made the move to America 10 years ago. Since then, she has been working hard to be academically successful and to be more involved in her community through clubs and organizations.

Along with fellow juniors, Joulisa is coming to the end of her most demanding year in high school. Pushing through the AICE and AP, she is able to hold a strong academic record.

“I’m just a typical student trying to get by and survive the school year.”

A big part of Joulisa’s life is art, music, and dancing. One of her main interests is in finding new music, especially in her favorite genre, hiphop. Within art, Joulisa enjoys painting with watercolor when she has free time.

On campus, Joulisa plays a major role in Link Crew.

“It was an amazing experience being able to mentor the incoming freshmen and help them adjust to starting high school.”

Joulisa’s career at Santaluces is coming to an end as she wishes to early admit for her senior year.

“By doing so, I get a jumpstart on college and hopefully have more experience on how college actually works.”

After college, Joulisa wishes to have her own talk show discussing therapy and psychology. This path would follow Dr.Phil, of which she sees as an example of the talk show she wants to have. Also, this career would perfectly fit her diverse interests in psychology and her passion for speaking. Joulisa is focusing on saving for FIU, for which she wishes to attend after she graduates high school.