COS: Angelica Torres


Karen Portillo

Angelica Torres is editor in chief of the yearbook team.

Karen Portillo, Staff Writer

From NHS to yearbook senior Angelica Torres is an active student at Santaluces. Being a part of the yearbook team for three years now, she is also in her second year as editor-in-chief.

Every year, hundreds of students await for the yearbook to be released to see themselves and the activities they have participated in throughout the school year. For Torres, being editor-in-chief holds a special place for her. She mentioned, “It feels good knowing I have the responsibility of guiding the staff on creating the yearbook because the yearbook truly represents Santaluces and who we are.”

When she is not focused on the yearbook, Angelica spends four hours a day working at Mandel JCC as a counselor. Teaching first to second graders, Torres has the responsibility of taking care of the kids and doing different activities with each one of them.

Like any other student, Angelica has had a stressful senior year so far. From colleges to keeping up with the yearbook staff, she has felt the pressure many people warn seniors about. She agreed, “Applying to colleges and meeting deadlines has been the most stressful part about senior year. There is a lot I have to keep up with to make sure I am ensuring the future I plan to have, but my favorite thing about senior year is trying to leave a legacy, especially for the yearbook.”

For her future, Torres hopes to attend Florida State Univerity next fall. She plans to major in social work and be given the opportunity to work with families and children. She wants to focus on psychology, eventually opening her own practice in the future.

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