COS: Trinity Macaluso


Khan Ho, Writer

Trinity Macaluso is a senior at Santaluces Community High School. She is a very studious and hardworking individual in and out of the classroom. In her Junior year, she got the Cambridge Scholar rewards with Merit for her accomplishments during her Sophomore year. Junior year, Macaluso was awarded her AICE Diploma with Merit, the second-highest level of the diploma achieved when passing 7 AICE Exams. She has been a member of both the National Honors Society and the National English Honors Society since her Junior year. On top of her school work, she works part-time at Publix as a Cashier. 

When asked what she thinks her best attributes were she said “I guess some of my best attributes include my dedication to my education and my kindness”, but the things that inspire her through life are “The people that mean a lot to me, my beliefs, and smaller things, too, like books and cities and flowers and art,” Macaluso said.

Macaluso is a very passionate reader. Reading books from all types of genres from her crowded bookshelf in her room.  Macaluso states that she has read “around 15 books” over the quarantine. When asked what fictional character she would be “I would want to be Lucy from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, just because that book holds so much childhood nostalgia for me, and I’ve always admired Lucy’s bravery and kindness, and I suppose I’d like to be more like her.” Macaluso loves to paint and work on arts and crafts. “I have been painting for several years, just at home, off Pinterest references.” 

After high school, Macaluso states,  “I would like to attend UF, UCF, or CUNY. I want to major in education and minor in art” As a potential career paths, Macaluso also states, “I want to be a high school English teacher and would like to work in illustration such as children’s books. “