COS: Oren Hentschke


Courtesy of Oren Hentschke

Oren with his “prize fish”

Chwoeger Charleston, Staff Writer

Oren Hentschke is a junior that takes up a wide variety of interests here at Santaluces, from programming to swimming. He does very well in school, however he prefers not to focus all his energy into only his academics and pursues a number of things outside of school as well.

Oren is currently the captain of the Santaluces varsity swim team and he has been on the team for all three of his years in high school. His favorite part about swimming is how close the team is with each other.

“I love the way everyone is always included and cheered on,” says Hentschke.

At school, he is currently trying to learn programming and computer science. During his time at Santaluces, he has earned certifications in both Photoshop and HTML and he is currently trying to learn programming languages, C++, and JavaScript. He wants to take up game development after he graduates.

Oren is also planning on finishing up his requirement for the AICE Diploma this year. He wants to work through tough college classes to have an easier life later on when he is actually in college.

Outside of school, Oren likes to play guitar. He also wants to be a musician when he finishes school.  He is inspired by some of his favorite bands like Arctic Monkeys and Buddha Trixie.

Oren also enjoys playing video games and going to the comic book store with his friends.

After graduating from Santaluces, Oren wants to continue his education at Palm Beach State College and then transfer to FAU for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He plans on starting the rest of his life by moving to Seattle after he graduates.