COS: Alejandra Moreno


Tristen Sanders

Alejandra posing for a photo.

Tristen Sanders, Staff Writer

Alejandra is a Freshman this year at Santaluces. During her five months of being here, she has had a very positive experience on a day-to-day basis as well as school events.

I asked Alejandra what her favorite memory here at Santaluces has been so far, she went on to tell me that “Going to this year’s Homecoming dance” will definitely always be one of her favorites. Due to the school’s effort to make the environment as fun as possible, she said,  “I was able to bring my best friend and have fun dancing all night with her.” Her best friend attends another school.

Alejandra has unfortunately not gotten involved with sports or other school activities this year due to her being nervous since she is new to the high school experience as well as the classes Santaluces has to offer.