Justice League Annual #2


DC Comics

Justice League Annual #2 cover by Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Mike Perkins follows the story of the Justice League’s headquarters being controlled by an outsider.

The Justice League is known as one of the most powerful superhero groups in DC Comics. Their lineup has constantly changed over the years with different heroes, vigilantes, and even villains. The most notable characters, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are otherwise known as “The Trinity” and have always been the forefront of the group. The Trinity also works with other iconic heroes such as Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, and Aquaman. 

Esteemed comic book writer Robert Venditti wrote this issue, with excellent artwork by Aaron Lopresti, Matthew Ryan, and David Baron. Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Mike Perkins also contributed by drawing the amazing cover art for this issue. 

In the world of comics, an annual issue is usually a stand-alone issue with no ties to the current continuity of the series and only appears once a year. This issue tells the story of the Justice League fighting against their own technologically-advanced base of operations – The Hall of Justice, after an unknown entity made it have a mind of its own.  

This issue opens with Batman calling Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash, to the Hall of Justice. Here, a random man has been killed in the sub-basement level of the headquarters – a location where only Justice League members have access.

Confused by the murder, the team begins to investigate. All of a sudden, the floor goes into lockdown mode and they are faced with their weaknesses: Superman is shot with red sun radiation, which dramatically depletes his powers; Flash gets hit with a shocking bolt of electricity, causing him to crash into a wall and break his ribs; Green Lantern has his ring’s light reflecting across the entire room, and threatens to hit the other members; lastly, Wonder Woman is prevented from helping the team because her magical powers are repelled. Batman did not have any direct attacks, however, seeing his teammates injured forces him to help quickly find a solution and stop any further damage. 

The Justice League is tasked to find the culprit and put an end to the attacks before more destruction occurs.  

You can find out what happens next in this issue here.