DC Comics’ Famed Magician: Zatanna


DC Comics

Zatanna Zatara is a powerful magician and member of Justice League Dark.

Maliha Rahman, Staff Writer

Pulling cute bunnies out of top hats, making a random audience member disappear, and guessing your card from a deck, is what usually comes to mind when magicians are mentioned. 

What about fighting alongside the Justice League, cursing demons, and performing out-of-this-world stunts? 

DC Comics has its own mysterious magician: Zatanna Zatara, a stage illusionist by day and superhero by night.  

Her mother Sindella is a Homo Magi – an influential race of human beings with magical powers; her father, Giovanni Zatara is a famous magician.  

Following her father’s footsteps, Zatanna also becomes an illusionist, allowing her to hide her powers in plain sight when performing in front of an amazed audience. 

She is a member of Justice League Dark, the branch of the Justice League that deals with supernatural threats. 

Zatanna casts spells by speaking backward, giving her the upper hand when fighting villains as they have no clue of what’s coming.

Her classic outfit consisting of a white corset, fishnet stockings, and top hat, is unconventional; but it does not stop her from facing dangerous demons, terrifying ghosts, and jealous ex-boyfriends. 

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