Gotham City’s Finest Burglar: Catwoman

Catwoman #7 cover drawn by Joëlle Jones details Catwoman with her claws to her face.

She’s probably stealing the rarest diamond at the Gotham City Museum or disguising herself as a socialite to steal a woman’s pearl necklace at a gala. Selina Kyle has had her fair share of robberies and tricks up her sleeves, and continues to be loved by many. Catwoman had been around for 80 years, capturing the hearts of fans everywhere.

Born in Gotham City, Selina Kyle grew up in a troubled life. Her father was an alcoholic, and her mother avoided her wherever she was at home. In order to distract herself, she took gymnastics classes which would help her with her heists in the future.

After her parents died, she left her home at a young age and lived on the streets. However, she was caught by law enforcement and put into an institution meant for runaway children.

Hating the restrictive institution, Selina managed a great escape after overhearing the security code and deactivated the alarm system. She would leave the building using her gymnastics skills. She then started to pickpocket and steal from people to survive on the streets of Gotham.

She would eventually become a cat burglar and infiltrate the homes of the wealthy and steal their precious jewelry pieces.

Adopting the identity Catwoman, she also grew more confident in stealing rare artifacts in museums, which caught the attention of Batman.

Selina became somewhat of an anti-hero; while she would help the Batman family frequently, she still continued to steal from anyone. Her character continues to puzzle many fans wondering whether or not she is on the side of good or evil.

However, she has earned the respect and trust of the Batman family. Selina also becomes Batman’s partner-in-crime during many cases. She has proven herself to be reliable in dangerous situations and always fights her way out.

Batman and Catwoman eventually develop a romantic relationship after years of working together.

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