YouTube Comedy Week

YouTube Comedy Week

Judith Beraha, Staff Writer

Song parodies, skits, and other videos of similar nature. For a week in May, YouTube featured funny videos from famous comedians like Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, The Lonely Island, and Vince Vaughn. The week also featured popular YouTubers like Tobuscus, Shane Dawson, and Roosterteeth.

The week featured a multitude of videos. One of the first videos being a parody song by Sarah Silverman featuring The upbeat song, Perfect Night, which by the title sounds like it would be about a crazy fun night on the town, is instead about staying in at home and watching Netflix. You may remember the fearless and outspoken comedian from her show on comedy central, the Sarah Silverman Show. If not, her voice may strike you as familiar, she voice acted for the adorable glitch ridden character, Vanellope von Schweetz, in Wreck-it-Ralph.

Another video would be one by Rooster Teeth, a channel that revolves around gaming. In the video, Immersion: Simulation Racer, two of the channel’s members tested out what their gaming performance would be like if they were to play a racing game while in a high speed car. While Nascar driver, Terry Earwood, drove a Kia Forte at high speed around a race track, both players tried to concentrate on their game. The vertigo from turning one direction in the game while the driver in real life made turns at high speed alone was enough to make the players sick. To add to the already nauseating experience, the players were required to make multiple “pit stops” where they had to eat cheese puffs and chug down milk. It’s no surprise that by the end of the experiment both had thrown up.

YouTube Through History, by aboveaveragenetwork, is a funny video dealing with the idea of what YouTube videos would be like if it had existed throughout history. The whole video is basically multiple videos in one. A home video of Mozart playing for his dad, a vlog video of Cleopatra and her cat, the infamous cinnamon challenge with Christopher Columbus, Darwin discussing evolution as though its a government concealed conspiracy, and more history themed mini vids.

Even before the release of the actual comedy videos, YouTube uploaded a number of videos to announce the event before the upcoming week. One of the ads, Arnold pumps you up for YouTube Comedy Week, featured Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking about the upcoming week while in the presence of popular memes, like the Harlem Shake. While another video named, Welcome to YouTube Comedy Week, featured popular YouTubers and comedians like Tobuscus, nigahiga, TheSklyBros, Harley Morenstein (from EpicMealTime), MysteryGuitarMan, David Koechner, TayZonday (from Chocolate Rain), Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, and so on, introducing viewers to Comedy Week.YouTube Comedy Week