Understanding the Music

SM Entertainment group, SHINee.

SM Entertainment group, SHINee.

K-pop fans don’t mind that they don’t understand the lyrics of the songs they listen to. Just like in American music, the fans of K-pop don’t just love it for the music. 

“It’s the people too.” said sophomore Arshi Chowdhury, a dedicated K-pop fan. “You would think they just want the money, but they really care about their fans.”

K-pop idols often do things distinct to their genre, such as fanservice – which is when they do things that their fans have been requesting. It seems like a strange custom to most people, but it really shows that they love and appreciate their fans.

K-pop’s popularity does have much to do with image as well. When catchy tunes are paired with attractive people around their own age, K-pop fans get hooked right in.

People tend to dislike K-pop  because of the way Korean entertainment companies, such as SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, produce their music and how they create new groups. They hold audtions to test their talent and train those who make it through until they are perfect to their standards- flawless dancing and singing. It’s really just business strategy, they know that young people coming fresh out of high school would want nothing more than to be famous. Even though the groups and solo artists may not write their own music, the talent they represent does not come solely from the lyrics they sing or rap. It’s mostly about performing and putting on a well-choreographed, unforgettable show.

Not only this, but many people fail to realize how hard these idols work. They often miss many hours of sleep each day, leaving them running on just a few hours of rest, if that. Despite this, they still manage to get on stage and push through with a smile, doing what they love for their fans.

Despite the fact they may not be with familiar with the language when they start listening, K-pop fans may begin to catch on to the language. Most fans seem to be very willing to learn the language or at least familiarize themselves with it so they can better understand some of the lyrics. Studying a language through lyrics can be a fun and more interesting way to learn a new language, especially when doing so can be as simple as listening to music.

Whether you enjoy K-pop or not, it is becoming more popular on a daily basis. Even if others cannot understand their logic, K-pop fans will continue listening to the music that makes them happy, even if they do not speak Korean.