Fall Premieres Keep Falling


Courtesy of FOX

Glee was one of the many shows that premiered that week.

The second week of fall premieres kicked off with the fifth season of the Emmy winning singing competition The Voice, with all the original coaches returning. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green started the show with a group performance of “I Love Rock’ n’ Roll.” Throughout the premiere, Blake boasted about his three consecutive wins and did his little finger wiggling pointing thing. Adam pointed out to every contestant that Blake was due for a loss similarly to how no team has ever won more than three championships in the NBA. Christina emphasized how refreshed she was from her break from the show and her hunger to be victorious, while CeeLo remained cool and donned a head tattoo and according to Adam “Michael Jackson’s clothes.” Although last season was cute with Usher and Shakira, having the four originals back seemed right, perfect. They have a chemistry that could cause an explosion in a science lab; they bicker and banter, and they know each other like the back of their hands. Simply put, they are family.

Tuesday night brought the continuance of The Voice: Blind Auditions, along with the premiere of the highly anticipated Avengers spin-off Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Okay, originally I had no hope for this show. I’d grunt and roll my eyes whenever someone mentioned it or asked “Are you going to watch it?” but I was forced to endure it, and throughout the episode that reluctance turned into gratitude. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough to keep me away from playing Candy Crush. Agent Phil, Coulson (He’s the one who supposedly “died” in the Avengers) creates a gifted team of hackers, scientists, combat fighters, and the works, to watch over superheroes. Outside of the team, is their number one biggest adversary, Chloe Bennet. She exposes how the group “shield”  the people from knowing what they deserve to know. Eventually, she’s caught recording one of her exposés in her van and is taken to an interrogation room where she reveals her knowledge on the “Pegasus project.”

Four time Emmy winning comedy Modern Family returned on Wednesday with a two episode premiere featuring a proposal and two coming-of-ages. After gay marriage is approved in California, both Mitchell and Cam conjure up ways to propose to the other, both wanting to one-up the other and be dubbed the “romantic one.” Later on, Manny and Luke have their first day of High school while Claire has her first day of going back to work after a twenty year career of mom-ing. After dropping off their little-now-big-ones, both Gloria and Phil feel dejected and are asked to be extras in a commercial taking place in their usual coffee shop, which they end up ruining by bursting into tears. Cam gets a job as a substitute and possible future teacher for Alex’s AP United States history class and realizes he knows nothing. Later on, when he admits to the principal that he can’t take over the class, he instead takes up the position of gym teacher and football coach.

Thursday night brought Robin Williams’ return to TV with his CBS show The Crazy Ones, alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar. The two play father and daughter who work at their advertising agency Roberts & Roberts. While Robins character, Simon, lives freely in a world of wackiness his daughter Sydney is meticulous and thoughtful. In the pilot, they attempt to convince Kelly Clarkson to sing for a McDonald’s commercial. When she refuses, Sydney tracks her down at birthday dinner in a restaurant. There, she convinces Kelly to finally do it, borrowing some of her father’s wild antics by singing on top of a table. All in all, the show did what it’s main purpose was: allow Robin Williams to be Robin Williams.

That same night came the return of Glee and it’s Beatles themed two-part extravaganza, the second part airing next thursday. In the fifth season opener, Blaine and Kurt figure out the label on their relationship and Blaine plans on proposing, which he alluded to in the ending of season four. On the New York front, Rachel doesn’t get the part in Funny Girl and decides to join Santana as a waitress. Back in Mckinley, Sue becomes Principal, after planting incriminating evidence in Figgins’ office. Artie and Kitty embark on a secret relationship and Tina, in Tina typical manner, wants to ruin their happiness because of her unhappiness. The proposal featured help from the Warblers, a band, the Glee kids, and Blaine belting out “All You Need is Love.” Of course, Kurt says yes and the two embrace; by then, a warm feeling is spreading throughout your body. Although this episode shone with joy and love, there was a dark note to it where you remember that the spirited Finn  (Cory Monteith) who used to sing and prance around on the show would never be able to again. His tribute will be the third episode of the season.

Other premieres happening later on this month and into October are Once Upon a Time, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers and American Dad, plus others.