The Best Game I’ve Never Played

The Best Game Ive Never Played


Over the summer at 2:00pm, every other day I knew exactly what one of my favorite YouTubers, VintageBeef, would upload. He did a complete let’s play of The Last of Us, which seemed to act much like a television series while I was watching.

VintageBeef’s commentary added even more entertainment to the deep storyline of the game. The funny scenes were even more hilarious with his laughing and jokes and the serious parts were even more dramatic because of his silence.

Even though the commentary was very enjoyable, it would have still been an amazing watch even if it wasn’t there. During most of the game you play as Joel, a survivor in the world of infected (zombie-like humans) and other hostile survivors.

The first episode reeled me in, making me want to know what happens and how it happens, not only that but why it happens and who caused it. I didn’t want to wait another day to watch the next episode. During the first episode  and the first part of the game your heart strings are really pulled on. You witness the beginning of the “infected world” and the death of Joel’s young daughter.

The main plot of the game centers around Joel’s relationship with a fourteen-year-old girl he originally just has to deliver to a quarantine zone; Ellie. Their journey is filled with plot-twists and struggles that never hold them back. It’s interesting to see how Joel and Ellie grow closer and closer. Ellie reminds Joel much of his deceased daughter and Joel eventually becomes like a father figure to her. It’s a touching moment when near the end of the game Joel calls Ellie “baby-girl,” which was the nickname he had for his daughter.

In the long-run this game can teach many morals. The relationship between Joel and Ellie shows that you don’t have to be related to someone for them to be an important family-figure to you. Also, an important message is made because even though Joel and Ellie faced struggles that seemed impossible to get through, they still made it out because they never gave up. Through all of the obstacles that stood in their way, they remained loyal.

Although I’ve never played The Last of Us, it’s very easy to love it. I would buy a PlayStation 3 just to be able to play this game.