Timehop: The Time Travel App

Timehop: The Time Travel App

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

Over the years, Facebook reined as the epitome of great entertainment and involvement. If you didn’t have an account, you were out of the loop. Three to five years ago, many of us seniors and juniors today were recklessly typing away. Back then, grammar usage was absurd and everyone would type “what” as “wat”, and “your” as “ur.”

As time goes on, we grow up and realize how awkward the posts we wrote are, and could easily remove them and forget they ever happened. However, a new app has surfaced that is bringing back these awful and embarrassing posts.

Timehop, currently number 41 on the top charts in the App Store, shows people the posts and pictures they’ve uploaded many years ago. How awkward would it be to see the posts from your thirteen year old self? When I viewed mine, I wanted to put a bag over my head so no one could see my embarrassment. The post that I posted three years ago today was, “Good morning awesome world gonna start another AWESOME day at skewl :p lol.”

Many students here at Santaluces have tried this time travel post app.

Daphne Hernandez, a senior, made a post four years ago that said “Every1 iz makin me feel bad that I cut my hair :(.”

“Once I saw this post, I wanted to slap myself for the way I was writing,” said Hernandez.

Though Timehop makes you relive your most embarrassing moments, it’s a great app to reflect on the past and get a good laugh out of it.

“Wow, I’m so embarrassed and sorry for the people that added me as a friend four years ago on Facebook,” said Imamia Murshed, a senior.

Timehop is a free app you could use to share your most dreadful yet funniest posts with your friends.