Book Recommendation: Looking For Alaska

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Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

 Many were fans of John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars, the beautiful and heartwarming story that doesn’t let cancer interfere with love and lets two innocent souls experience what life has to offer. If you enjoyed this book, then you will also like Looking For Alaska.

This book takes you on an adventure through a young Floridian boy’s life. Feeling suffocated and isolated in his hometown, Miles decides to make a drastic shift in his life and move to Alabama. Over there, he attends a private boarding school and starts a new chapter in his life. As he gets used to his new surroundings, Miles makes friends for the first time in his life. Each person he meets plays a role in his life, which builds him up as a person. However, only one person truly captivated him and had a tremendous impact in his life, and that girl is Alaska Young.

Alaska Young was that one breathtaking girl in school who everyone drooled over. She had the full package of brains, beauty and personality. Miles, taken away by her, introduces himself to her. Little by little, they hang out and start to know each other better. Throughout the school year, Miles looks out for Alaska and cherished her every bit of the way.

A series of unfortunate events occur that leaves Miles and the readers in deep deep disappointment and pity. Just as things were looking bright and promising, they make a turn that doesn’t leave anyone in happiness.

I strongly recommend this book because it’s beautifully written and irresistible. I got so caught up in Miles’ world that I wouldn’t start anything until I finished the book. You know a book is great when you can connect to the characters and feel their emotions, and that’s what happens when you read Looking for Alaska.