Glenn Is NOT Dead

Glenn Is NOT Dead

Karen Garcia, Staf Writer

Glenn is alive; I know it in my heart.

For those who do not enjoy spoilers, please do not keep reading. For those who do not watch The Walking Dead, there may be some confusion as to who Glenn is and why so many fans on Twitter are claiming they need intensive therapy.

Glenn Rhee has been around since the beginning of the series. In the very first episode, he rescued Rick from a hoard of walkers and has always been a valuable asset to the group. Throughout the series, he has been in a relationship with Maggie, who has recently revealed her pregnancy.

In a shocking episode aired roughly two weeks ago, Glenn and Nicholas were seen diverting from their group in order to distract a hoard of walkers from following them.

After reaching a dead end, Glenn and Nicholas are surrounded by the walkers and forced to stand on an abandoned car to avoid being eaten. At this time, Nicholas, who had seemed entirely worn out for quite some time, decided to end his own life.

Glenn pleaded with him not to do it, but was unsuccessful. After thanking Glenn, who was holding onto his arms, Nicholas shoots himself, thrusting both characters into the zombie mob.

As they are dramatically falling in slow motion, Nicholas appears to land on top of Glenn’s body. For this reason, fans are denying the death of their beloved Glenn, stating it was Nicholas whose guts were devoured by the walkers.

The show’s writers have yet to confirm any speculations thrown their way.

Ever since the airing of “Thank You,” fans have been anxious over the fate of the beloved character Glenn. Many are refusing to believe he is dead and are certain he will return yet again.

The only way to find out is to keep watching, but if Glenn does not return, there will likely be a war among fans.