Jack Reacher 2 Takes No Prisoners

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

The action-packed drama “Jack Reacher 2,” starring Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher) and Cobi Smulders (Susan Turner) is a movie that’ll keep the viewer on the edge of their seat, Cruise and Smulders play the roles of two on the run majors of military police. They partner up and start investigating, primarily trying to clear Smulders’ name after being set up.

The film had a good balance of action and drama, and Cruise does an exceptional job in producing the thrilling action. The movie was unpredictable, and was challenging on trying to predict what happened next.

With that being said, the movie was indeed quite intense, and the story is very compelling. The story is easy to follow and the visuals and settings are captivating. If there is one thing to take from this movie, it’s that things aren’t always what they appear to be.