Winter is Here, Courtesy of “Steep”

Joseph Matuella, Staff Writer

Genre: Sports

Rated: Teen

Price: $59.99

Release Date: 2 December 2016

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Player(s): single-player online, multiplayer online

Rating: 9/10 by Steam

Ubisoft, a major video game publisher, is typically famous for its vast array of First and Third Person Shooters, RPGs, along with strategic games. However, this time it is in the news for coming out with “Steep,” a beautiful scenic open world extreme sports game. Set in the Alps, stretching across multiple regions across Europe. Sit on the mountain tops and experience the white, snow layered, mountains which are incredibly inviting.

Adrenaline trailblazers can virtually explore the highest mountains and glaciers in the Alps through the selection of extreme winter sports offered: Snowboard, skiing, wingsuit flying, and parasailing. Let out your inner flying squirrel by stepping into a wingsuit and soar through the mountains, around trees, and come too close for comfort with the ground. If soaring like a bird is too much, calmly coast through the air while parasailing through checkpoints in a race or perform swooping tricks in a freestyle. Hit the slopes in an organized event on either skis or a snowboard and out-perform the competition by getting the fastest run-time or highest score. Discover new drop zones, set out new paths on mountain sides yet untravelled and be the first to shred. You can share the lines you discovered with other players across the world, or you can keep it your own secret spot.

“Steep” allows for a South Florida Local, who has grown up in a flat state with a constant temperature well above freezing, to undergo the world of snow and the sports it inspires.

Dormant adventure seekers are enticed to climb new heights, then descend from them in a fast and extreme snowy fashion.

However, “Steep” is incredibly enjoyable, I am not sure if it is worth the initial price of nearly $60. After playing it for three days I have come to the conclusion that I love it, but I would love it more if I waited for the price to drop because it does not have the element of a gripping story that most gamers have grown to expect. I do encourage that people buy the game after the price drops, perhaps after the holiday.