Meeting Got7

The Tribe staffer Brianna O’Hara meets Kpop boy group in Miami.


Brianna O'Hara

Q&A with Got7

Brianna O'Hara , Staff Writer

After two  years of following and loving Kpop (Korean pop music), I was lucky enough this past weekend to attend the Got7 fanmeet, which was the first stop of the 2017  Got7  Turbulence US tour. Tickets went on sale on December 17th 2016, and I scored p2 tickets, which meant I would be able to be face to face with them.

This was my first ever Kpop concert and it was  absolutely amazing. The night before the concert my best friend and I didn’t sleep for more than two hours because of how excited we were. We woke up super early that morning and got ready to meet the group we have been obsessing over for two years. At around noon we got in the the car and drove to Miami for the show at the Fillmore Theater on South Beach.

We got to the venue at around 1 pm and the line was already wrapping around the building. We quickly picked up our wristbands and got in line. There was still five hours before they would open the doors and another hour before the show started.

After about two hours of waiting in line I had noticed that my favorite youtuber JRE had arrived. He was super nice and took pictures with both of us. For the rest of the wait, we took turns getting up to get drinks or buying merch. We also talked to the other fans around us and time flew by. At 5:45 , they let the p1 ticket holders in and then it was our turn to go in. Since we had p2 tickets we were super close to the stage.

There was still about a half hour left before the show  would start and we just stood in our spots anxiously awaiting for the show to start. It was 7 o’clock and the show still hadn’t started. All of a sudden the music got super loud and all the fans, including us, started screaming. The boys ran on stage and the show started. They put on such an outstanding show, performing their hit songs and playing games with the crowd.

After the amazing show, the general admission ticket holders had to leave while the fans with p1 and p2 waited to meet the boys. When they came back out p1 holders took their pictures. During the actual meet up were not allowed to record or take any pictures. Finally it was our turn  to go up and meet the boys. We were both shaking and freaking out. I high fived all the members and then when I got to my favorite member, Jackson, I actually held his hand and made eye contact with him.

Overall, this was definitely one of the best nights of my life. It was totally worth waiting six hours in line. It was so surreal actually seeing the group I am absolutely obsessed with. It’s completely different seeing them in person compared to just watching performances on youtube. I really hope that all Igot7s get to experience this at least once in their lives.