Real Life Hide & Seek


Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

A new reality TV series on CBS started to air called ‘Hunted’. It’s a real life hide and seek game where pairs of two volunteers try to stay hidden while a team of highly skilled investigators made up of ex-FBI profilers, ex-Navy Seals, ex-CIA, etc are out trying to track them down.

There are 18 fugitives, made up of 9 teams. Each team has only one goal on their mind which, is to stay hidden for 28 days. They have to leave their old lives behind and make themselves seem invisible in today’s vast digital world. The fugitives have to stay within the 100,000 square mile ‘Hunt Zone’ which covers four states: Georgia, South Carolina, eastern part of Alabama, and northern part of Florida.

The fugitives are given an hour head start before the hunters are alerted to begin their search. The fugitives are given $500 in $100 bursts on an ATM card, but when they use the ATM card the hunters are altered where the fugitives are since their location is sent to them from the ATM.

Once an hour has passed, a team of skilled investigators begin their search to find the fugitives. As part of signing up to do the show, the fugitives give up all their rights like a real like fugitive would, meaning the hunters are able to go into their homes, crack into any electronics, and also hack into any social media site the fugitives own.

Two teams to keep your eyes on are: David & Emily and Lee & Hilmar. They have been able to trick the hunters and throw them a couple of curveballs to get them off their tracks. With David’s criminal background now turned criminal defense attorney, he has tons of knowledge on how to get away when someone is looking for him. Lee creates room escapes, so when people enter his rooms he needs to stay five steps ahead of them which he says will help him stay ahead of the hunters in this show.

If the teams are able to stay hidden for the entire 28 days, each team will receive $250,000. Definitely won’t be easy.

‘Hunted’ airs wednesday’s on CBS at 8 p.m. Which team do you think will stay hidden?