Mickey vs. Harry


Great view of the castle at night

Jordan Foldy, Staff writer

~Disney World

Favorite Ride: Rockin’ Rollercoaster is my all time favorite ride at Disney because of its exhilarating speed and bright neon signs.

Most Known For: The princess meet and greets and the view of the castle in Magic Kingdom are the most known in Disney. Everyone wishes they could live in Cinderella’s castle just for one day to feel like a princess. I love that when I walk in the park, the first thing I see is the magnificent blue and gray castle.

Best Quick Service: Cosmic Ray’s starlight cafe is one of the best quick services at Disney.  There is a large variety of food to choose from. Not only can you eat, but you can enjoy entertaining jokes. I enjoy listening to his corny, yet cute jokes while taking a break from the crowds.

Price:$107.00 for a one day one park ticket.

Best Souvenir: Pins for pin trading are the best souvenir; you can trade with cast members and collect the new exclusive Hidden Mickey sets that are released each year. I used to go around when I was little and collect all the pins in the princess collections. It’s such a good memory to have.

Best Store: The Emporium has everything you can imagine. There are shirts, kitchen supplies, pins, office supplies, princess dresses with crowns, purses, jewelry,  phone cases, and stacks upon stacks of stuffed animals. This is the store I always have to stop at on my way out of the park because it’s the best place to find any last minute souvenirs.


~Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Favorite Ride: The Incredible Hulk is an amazing high speed rollercoaster. It’s extremely smooth at 67 MPH with a 110 foot cobra roll.  With its location being at the very front of Islands of Adventure, the Incredible Hulk seems very intimidating but once you’ve ridden it once, you can’t help but want to ride it again and again.

Most Known For: Their frozen Butterbeer in the Harry Potter World is a must have when I visit Universal. It is a great mixture of  butterscotch and cream soda.

Best Quick Service: The Three Broomsticks in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a great place to just relax and eat your meal. I love to go there and drink my frozen Butterbeer.

Price:$110.00 for a one day one park ticket.

Best Souvenir: A Harry Potter Wand is the most popular souvenir. I have not gotten one myself, but by the looks of it they are very popular. They have stores with them in several locations but the line sometimes extends out the door of Ollivander’s, which is a little shop that is stacked to the ceiling with boxes of magic wands. You can choose a simple souvenir wand or an interactive wand that will show you little surprises throughout Diagon Alley and Hogsmead.

Best Store: The Islands of Adventure Trading Company has the best selection of souvenirs.  Its selection is very diverse with things like gifts, clothing, jewelry, hats, toys, and various theme park merchandise.

Jordan Foldy
Castle at Magic Kingdom
In the Harry Potter castle
Cosmic rays comedian
This is the candy shop at universal.
The is the view when you first walk into Harry Potter