Big Mouth: Kid or Adult Show?

Stephanie Ballesteros , Staff Writer

Big Mouth is a new Netflix Original show that is considered an adult show despite it being all about teenagers. The storyline of the show is about the experience of having to go through puberty. The main characters consist of Andrew, Nick, Jessi, Jay, Missy, Hormone Monstress, Hormone Monster, and Matthew. The producers are Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. It was premiered on September 29, 2017. Although it only consists of 10 episodes, it has absolutely captivated the audience with its sense of humor and its introduction to various major issues.

This show is based on the real life adventures of best friends, Kroll and Goldberg. The hilarious episodes this show offers, gives the viewer insight into the embarrassing and sometimes even disastrous moments of these two friends.

No matter the controversy going around, this show exposes a positive attitude towards gay rights. Aside from already having a continuous gay character (Matthew), the producers decided to dedicate an entire episode to it. Episode 3’s title is “Am I Gay?” In this episode, Andrew is battling with finding his sexual identity. Along the storyline, the show makes it very well known that they are all for gay rights. Although Andrew does not turn out to be gay, while he’s trying to figure that out, he has people telling him it would be okay if he was.

Throughout this small season, tons of family problems are displayed. Jay’s family is completely dysfunctional. His father is a cheater and his mom and 2 brothers are complete psychopaths. Due to this, Jay continuously explains how he longs for a motherly figure, and how he wants love and affection. Jessi’s parents also have major problems. Her dad is under the influence all of the time and her mom is stuck in the closet.

Although it is cutely animated, the message this show sends is overwhelming. It portrays different scenarios that different races have to face. This can be helpful to raise awareness to all of these major issues, from gay rights to racial discrimination.

Because of its strong language and sexual scenes, Big Mouth should not be watched by children under the age of fifteen. Many parents would not feel comfortable allowing their kids to watch this show at an early age either way. At the age of fifteen, many have reached a certain maturity and are going through puberty themselves. This show could definitely help them answer questions they are too scared to ask.


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