Singer Island: Marriott Hotel

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

I just recently visited Singer Island for a little get away with my family and friends. I would highly recommend this island. It’s close so you are able to drive to it and it’s big so there’s a lot to do. I stayed at the Marriott Ocean Point hotel.

It was such a great experience. The hotel had so many activities that I never got bored. My friends and I played golf and had little competitions to see who was better. At certain times there were little free activities like when we first got there we played candy bingo. They gave out pretty cool prizes like cool things you could do at the hotel.

There are always sports available, like volleyball. There was a 24 hour gym that some of my friends visited, and  there were three big pools attached to the hotel that were open 24 hour. We spent a lot of time in the hot tub because it was pretty cold outside and it was nice, hot and had plenty of space.

They had an all day restaurant to get snacks and eat lunch at. There was a fire at night to keep everyone warm and keep the bugs away.

The hotel was right by the beach; it was almost less than a foot away. They had beach chairs available for free for you to chill on and lay back.

My guy friends had a great time skim boarding and said the waves were perfect for skim boarding.

The rooms were so nice the one we got was really big and had a balcony that overlooked the hot tub. It had enough room for about 20 people. We had a great time and the party went on from 11 am to 10pm. Only 5 girls stayed through the night and the next day as well.

Overall this is a great hotel and one I highly recommend. It’s a great place to stay with a ton of friends. It reminds me of a cruise but it’s on land.